Moments, Letters from India

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It is an existential, intimate book, of easy reading andspontaneous humor, which shares with the reader the experience and emotions ofa woman who, at the age of fifty five, after having remained inside acardinalate with all his decisive life, decides to realize a trip alone toanother side of the world: to the India, country that as tourist she hadvisited already in other occasions and of which she had stayed prendada. Shetakes this decision because she knows that to reach the fullness is necessaryto assume risks, to measure forces, to know her own limits. Beyond socialconventions, of what they will say, without having to prove anything beforeanybody.More that before her itself, she leaves behind family,comforts, social structure, to penetrate in a foreign world, ado resources thather own person. To go to the meeting of her itself, and she achieves it. Shemanages to know clearly what is and what is not capable, her powers and hislimitations to return to hers revitalized, with a more wide and complete visionof the world and those who in her live.The authoress, Gloria Friscione of Perez Jácome, studiedSocial Anthropology as response to his basic interest: the human being and thediverse ways that he finds to express in community. Her taste for writing demonstratedfrom small, " if I want to clarify an idea, to conspire a feeling or asituation, to lengthen an instant; if I am sad or satisfied, when an emotionexceeds me, of what another way can I it demonstrate better that writing?" Carried away of the Literature, she is sure that the salvation can beacross her; because of it her has travelled since she has use of reason. Heranother passion, the trips, has led her to knowing remote countries, differentcultures and human extraordinary beings.She has published, besides diverse articles aboutfascinating trips, two books: "India, Love to The First Sight and "Moments,Letters from the India ". At present she prepares a third party on religiousMexican festivities: "Of Holiday in Holiday ".

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