Testimonies of Mu

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This Work is unpublishedbased on my discoveries in relation to the topic, knowledge, study andinvestigation that led me to writing it in a lively and Colloquial way. In thetext I do an exhibition of the events that gave birth to the discovery of thereality of the existence of this missing civilization and which has been theorigin of the man in this planet and likewise that of the civilizations andwell-known cultures that gave us account of existing like the AssyrianBabylonian, the Egyptian, the Greek, etc. The precedents of this work have beenthe studies and writings of Colonel James Churchuard on the other hand Dr.Daniel Ruso of Ceros author of “The history of a big discovery”. The Temples ofa missing humanity and others. As well as countless investigatedanimal of thetopic in diverse epochs, mis discoveries and investigation count like realtests of the existence of this civilization of Mu. All this is scarcely the topof the iceberg, since it still gives for more in many aspects.

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