Deep down

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Atsunami floods A Coruña, that's why all the population has to moveto the metropolitan area, leaving the prior A Coruña abandoned; tomake the few people remaining there leave their homes governmentdecrees zero zone and they cancel all the energy supplies. However,this few people gets by with colourful small business that attracttourism and recovering things that had been left there under thewater. Xiana belongs to this last group and she earns a life with theresources the new situation offers. One day seeking for customers shebumps "by chance" into Ramón, an old boyfriend. Ramón isa policeman that is in the city on vacations with some job-partners.He invites Xiana to their table and drops, "by chance"again, the Universal Savings Bank's strongroom legend. The legendsays that in the basement of the Universal Savings Bank's headoffice, now flooded, there are loads and loads of money waiting forsomeone to take them. Xiana laughs at them, she says it's a story fortourists, but Ramón insists until Xiana gives in to the temptationof checking it.

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