Once Upon a Time

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Once upon a time… is a syllabus which has been created for the second course of the second cycle of Primary Education. This syllabus is centred in a story, which will be showed through the DIGITAL BOARD (interwrite). Each new unit begins with a short story, where the characters are Roxy, Noa and Leo. The stories, activities, songs..all the contents will be show through the digital board. The chidren will be able to go to the blackboard and point on the interactive blackboard, write on it, look for information in that moment in internet… The whole class make activities on it, or in groups, or in pairs. They love to show their own work in front of their friends. This annual plan is based on the foreign languages area curriculum for Primary Education, but the objectives, assessment criteria and the contents have been adapted to be adequate to the fourth course class level. Moreover, all the pupils have different characteristics, levels and paces of learning; therefore, through the development of this programming I will attend and respond to all my pupils’ necessities to allow all of them to achieve the objectives proposed.

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