me, Me, ME. Oops! Why not?

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Life is a strategy at all levels andyour life is your personal project, and what a nice one it is! If you don’ttake the risk to search and find answers, if you never dare yourself to doanything that feels uncomfortable, you will never know, ever…The things you didn’t do because youlabelled them crazy or ridiculous, all the unreachable goals you created inyour mind, those are the things you will regret, all the what ifs of your life…You can change all that, you nowhave that one chance to shout out loud:Oh, yes I can!! That’s the stuffthat shapes your future, the stuff that makes history, the stuff that bringsnothing but satisfaction. I did it! I transformed my life, it wasn’t alwayseasy but I wouldn’t have it any other way…the tears, the pain, the fun!!It is never too late to have a sexy,glamorous and fun filled life while being effective, productive and practical.By following my rules you’ll see that they actually complement each other verywell indeed.So here they are: My sexy littlesecrets. The sexy rules.Theira Añez: Author of “CadenasInvisibles”Email: Alsoavailable online

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