The Neuropyramid

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Jaime Romano has for several decades been studying the human brain. As a neuroscientist and marketing consultant, he has amalgamated his knowledge from these fields to create a pioneering model which explains the mental processes that are triggered after we receive a stimulus through our senses, until they lead to an action. An understanding of this model, called Romano´s Neuropyramid, is a prerequisite for those who are starting in the neuromarketing field and essential reading for marketeers and publisists.The author takes us on a journey through the various levels of the Neuropyramid: attention, sensory activation, emotion, cognition, action regulator and action, through examples, diagrams and friendly language, that remind us of our own experience and invites introspection. Thus, it is possible to understand what happens at the subconscious and intuitive levels in our mind, which substantially increases our ability to predict the action outcome and therefore, consumer behavior.

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