Allwënn: Soul & Sword (Illustrated Graphic Novel + Artbook)

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CONTAINS:The Illustrated Story with more than 80 illustrationsSketches Gallery with more than 150 preliminary sketchesProcesses Gallery with the digital painting process of 15 illustrationsComplete Illustrations GalleryAdvertising and CuriosOnline ShopLinksInteractive menu, that improves navigation beyond lineal readingFull Colour Illustrations, adapted to Kindle Fire and reading on Mobile devices and Tablets (Android, Apple, etc) through the free Kindle App.More info at CHARROART blogFor any doubt or problem contact using the subject "Soul""Allwënn: Soul & Sword is the self-conclusive illustrated book, which joined Vilches & Charro. Two years of work culminating in an intense tale of strong, evocative prose with over 80 illustrations in a vast reportoire of techniques, which shows one of the most decisive moments for probably the most indomitable character in the saga "La Flor de Jade". The epic saga that has sold in a year over ten thousand copies worldwide through Amazon.""Allwënn will enter our lives and the blade of his sword will scratch our entrails."Luis Royo & Rómulo Royo (Illustrators)NOTE: This is a self-conclusive and independent story. You do NOT need to read the Saga to enjoy it.

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