Find out the cause of tinnitus. AUDIOLOGIST'S GUIDE

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Tinnitus requires medical care. Thetinnitus patient consults an otolaryngologist, a doctor specialising in theears, nose and throat. The medical discipline dedicated to the ear is otology.Until now, otology has not provided any convincing solutions. Perhaps this isbecause otology focuses on the ear, only studies the ear and ignores everythingaround it, that which is outside of it. Thereis now a new scientific discipline, namely otosociology. It is born of asymbiosis between otology and sociology. It is dedicated to the study of theauditory system in its social environment. It includes a methodology, which, infive steps, studies the ear's organic and functional components. The firstthree steps focus on researching the body's hardware, that is to say thebiophysical component, and the next two steps focus on researching thesoftware, that is to say the ear's functionality. The otosociologicalmethodology begins with the ear and ends with the person's social environment.The information obtained is very relevant, investigating the causes oftinnitus, collecting information on the symptoms and discussing theirconsequences. Ifotosociology can be used to uncover the causes then the treatment should beeasy. In principle, if we can eliminate the causes, the tinnitus may disappear.The treatment used is comprehension and commitment therapy. Comprehensiontherapy involves explaining to the patient why they have tinnitus andcommitment therapy means that the patient commits to carrying out a series ofmeasures to get rid of the tinnitus. These measures may be to resolve certainconflicts or social tensions, changing some inappropriate attitudes, takingpart in sound therapies, taking bioactive natural compounds or receivingphysical or drug-based treatments. Thisbook would like to show how the shift from otology to otosociology for thetreatment of tinnitus, is a step forward in terms of our understanding of theproblem and how discovering the cause of tinnitus enables us to find a cure. Finally, the audiologist'smanual brings together all the scientific information available on theapplication of otosociology to tinnitus, to which more information about soundtreatment has been added, as a specific and exclusive section of the work onthe symptomatic treatment of tinnitus.

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