At the end of my life

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A Corner of Paradise tells the story of a man who doggedly pursues the woman he loves, knowing that the love felt for her cannot be equal, cannot be replaced, and through the tragic events of World War II, the family vicissitudes , the succession of the difficulties of life, will unravel the journey of the protagonist, Michael, always seeking, stubbornly, belove Margherita. Reading thousands of times her letter, he will feel her scent while being away, imagine her caresses and longs to have her in his arms. Almost in a constant and only thought, in a love obsession that will see him chase Margherita for a lifetime ...The novel ... a fast-paced, leaves no room for breaks, even though Marcos Mazzuka continually opens new narrative doors, evocative images and unexpected perspectives, in a Rossini crescendo, until the inevitable denouement that marks the flesh and disrupts the heart.PrefaceMassimo Barile

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