Flights of silence

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Aged thirteen, David believes his mother nolonger loves him. A shameful family secret is revealed, a suicide attemptfails, and he leaves his beautiful home on the Island of Margarita, to live onthe streets of Caracas, Venezuela. Yet David has a dream, a heart full of love,a sense of fair play and most of all, compassion for others. Aged fifteen, hisfirst encounter of love with the opposite sex is of sweet innocence with a prostitutehe names, Princess Jasmine. Love begins to triumph over his earlier feelings ofabandonment only to end in heartbreak. No stone is left unturned in Davids candidaccount of his adventures, from cleaning cars to save for flying lessons, tobecoming one of the youngest and most skilful pilots ever to land a plane whereeven angels would fear to tread. Yet along the way, he meets once more withlove and true friendship. He gives back unstintingly the loyalty he receives,not only from the extraordinary friends in high places, but to the ordinary andmisfortunates he meets on the streets of Caracus. Davids story is not only a breath-takingflight through the jungles of drugs and politics, but the human condition oftragedy, love and friendship.

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