Construction and Strategy Maginot Defensive Line from the Threa German Army

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Although the French fortifications known as the Maginot Line have been an enigma until recent years to professional and amateur historians alike, they were not a mystery to pre- Second World War German intelligence sources. In fact, despite the efforts of French intelligence to promote erroneous concepts of their fortified line, the Germans had managed to unravel many of the secrets of the Maginot fortifications long before the end of the 1930s. It was during World War II, however that the misconceptions about the Maginot Line became firmly entrenched. The famous German General Rommel, for instance, down-played their strength and importance when he jubilantly claimed he had passed through the feeble defenses of the Maginot Line. In reality he had not even come near it. Later, in 1944, those American soldiers who passed through some small field works of the Maginot Line confirmed Rommel’s assessment.

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