War on the environment a distraction from climate change policy

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After almost six months in office, it seems that the Abbottgovernment’s reputation for action on climate change and theenvironment in general is in tatters. Overseas, condemnation has been directedat a government now labelled as the ‘most hostile to its nation’s environmentin history’. And that assessment is made with scant attention to what theCoalition government is doing on climate change, where it has pulled out allthe stops to bring climate change policy to heel before the interests of bigcoal and big mining.Balancing economic growth with sustainabilityhad been at the forefront of legislative and regulatory protection, includingthe Howard government’s Environment Protection and Bio-diversity ConservationAct (1999). But the scrapping of the Environment Defenders Office (EDO) issymbolic of the distinctive shift we are seeing with this government.

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