Náttúra. Icelandic Landscapes

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Náttúra is nature in Icelandic. The book, collecting more than images of Iceland, is intended as a visual statement of love and respect that the author feels for some of the most spectacular scenes of the planet. Moving into the inhospitable, still unchanged, Icelandic landscapes is like to feel the heartbeat of the Earth, to look lost in the immensity of the desolate deserts of sand, to be mesmerized by the bright colors of their mountains, to vibrate with the roar of their waterfalls, to see eternal sunsets. Air, water, fire and Earth, the four elements that according to ancient theories form nature, serve as a reference to show the different landscapes of this unique island.To understand the enormous power that lies in this volcanic island, the author accompanies the images with a narrative that is pleasant and easy about the origin of our planet, as well as geological causes that have led to the unstoppable physical growth of Iceland.From the photographic point of view, the author has divided the country into five regions, indicating in each one of them more interesting scenarios to capture in pictures the dazzling and disturbing Icelandic landscape.

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