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The Lowell Foundation is the story of two cousins, Larry and Galo Ferrer, and their mutual friend, Antonio Cárdenas. Larry is immensely rich, but this does not preclude him from having a deep antipathy for the things of this world, and we see his self-realization in transcending the temporal bounds of the material world and his foray into what is truly the essence of the higher plane beyond the material one. Larry's real aim is the purgation of his spirit. By contrast, Galo is a man who gives precedence to his vital humanistic philosophy; he needs to do things to improve the world and the chances of those who are underprivileged, offering them an alternative of educational training through which they can contribute their expertise to the greater good of the species. In The Lowell Foundation, there are power games which are played out at the highest levels. There are themes of betrayal, deceit, attacks by powerful and corrupt parastatal entities, the intrigues of drug lords, bullying by financial lobbyists, and a rare glimpse into how security protection plays a key role in the survival of powerful individuals. Above all, it is the story of loyalty and love between three friends, who, after undergoing a diverse series of challenges and problems that life throws at them, always emerge victorious in their individual and collective aspirations. Reading this book is not mere entertainment, but it is the unfolding of a life story which is outside of the norm but still has real and formative messages to offer us in many of its facets.

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