Quantum Pearls

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The energy that moves everything 'is', it is everything what we have, at what we look, feel, touch. Those who use it meaninglessly obtains unpleasant results in their life and do not achieve what he or she wishes. On the other hand, those who use it in its favor have everything.The authoress of Quantum Pearls, Maria Helen Vaca, in these 18 years of therapeutic attention, daily practice, constant study and investigation in topics such as the Quantum Physics, Lines (Figures) of Time, Parallel Realities, Harmonizing life, Unconditional Love, Time and Distance, personalized coaching, the creation of technical innovators and methods of energy use for health and everyday life, announces to everyone through magic histories and facts that the only and beautiful gift is in different circumstances of existence. To know, work and apply the innumerable uses that happen (exist) to the energy allow every person the ability to restore their heart, body and mind the reason of having been born in this conscience dimension. Therefore living a harmonious experience.

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