Infantry Attacks 1937 Edition

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Foreword to the 1937 EditionThis book describes numerous World War I battles which I experienced as an infantry officer. Remarks are appended to many descriptions in order to extract worthwhile lessons from the particular operation.The notes, made directly after combat, will show German youth capable ofbearing arms, the unbounded spirit of self-sacrifice and courage with which the German soldier, especially the infantryman, fought for Germanyduring the four-and-a-half-year war. The following examples are proof of the tremendous combat powers of the German infantry, even when faced with superior odds in men and equipment; and these sketches are again proof of thesuperiority of the junior German commander to his enemy counterpart.Finally, this book should make a contribution towards perpetuating those experiences of the bitter war years; experiences often gained at the cost of great deprivations and bitter sacrifice.ERWIN ROMMELLieutenant Colonel

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