The Great East Japan Earthquake A Collection of TANKA(Japanese poetry) and Prose

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Introduction.The Great East Japan Earthquake.The thirty seconds’ difference saved the author from the arriving tsunami propelled by the earthquake.Which Almighty gave him the chance to survive, God or BuddhaThose who had become souls must have done.Since then, he has documented the true state of affairs into Tanka.The only thing he wanted to do was to describe the reality in 31syllables as records.His feel of responsibility to write down about what he saw has supported his difficult days .Each tanka shows only one phase of the tragedy.But I sincerely hope that each point of will draw a line by readers themselves. Not only to those who are familiar with tanka but also those who are new to read this.Tanka is one of Japanese traditional cultures.This is a collection about The Great East Japan Earthquake, expressed with Tanka and with the author’s soul and inner power

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