Self Healing Within Reach Everyone

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The three techniques of which we will speak of simple and practical form will help the reader to make by own account simple exercises of self healing. The body has a wonderful system created to heal to the body of natural form it is called immune system. The first part of the book deals with the love itself, since having a high selfesteem will result in treating or to the physical body, that is to say, the person will eat well and balanced, it will have positive thoughts, it will speak in positive, it will make exercises and in aim all the good one that it serves to maintain mind and body in good state. Soon the subject of the Law of Attraction is approached, this Law it express that the equal ones are attracted, that is to say, everything in the universe is vibration and the equal vibrations are attracted, for example, if the person is positive and optimistic, it will attract people and positive situations to its life, if on the contrary, she is a negative and pessimistic person, will attract the same thing its life, everything is in the mind, depending on the predominant thoughts that has the person, will emit vibrations to the universe and will attract everything what it is emitted, reason why is necessary to pay attention to the thoughts. We will teach of practical form like using the Law of Attraction in the daily life to attract positive things and to obtain the objectives. Followed, we will talk of the Ho´ponopono, this technique of sealf healing was developed initially in the towns of Hawaii, Doctor Len it has spread it by the planet, it is a very simple technique that with four words can be healed the memories of past lives or present that affect the people, these four words are: i´m sorry, please forgive me, thank you and I love you. With those simple words we can work painful memories that affect to us in the health, prosperity, love and more. Finally, a system of self healing is approached received or canalized by the Dr. Alex Loyd, who along with the Dr. Bend Johnson writes on the Healing Codes, these codes help to eliminate stress that cause the ailments or diseases in the physical body, the codes simply eliminate stress allowing the body traverse of the immune system to make the work for which it was programmed that is to cure itself. Of simple form we will explain like being applied the codes himself, with this technique I have seen heal to many people of an endless number of diseases. In summary, through the Law of Attraction we will learn to think in positive to attract positive things, situations and people to our lives and thus to manage to obtain all the objectives drawn up and to be happy. With the Ho´ponopono we will be able to work the painful memories and negative thoughts that move away us of our goal of being happy and without by some reason after the two previous techniques we have some ailment or disease with the Healing Codes we can treat the stress that caused the ailment or disease to unblock to the immune system and to allow that the body cure itself.

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