The Blood Pressure Solution - Control Your Blood Pressure Naturally

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Introduction 6Chapter 1: A Silent Epidemic 10Chapter 2: The Hidden Dangers of High Blood Pressure 12Breaking Down Blood Vessels 12Hurting Your Heart 14Killing Your Kidneys 15Brain Damage 16Problems in the Bedroom 17Eye Opening Issues 18Bad to the Bone 18Chapter 3: Understanding Blood Pressure 20What Is Blood Pressure 20What Do The Numbers Mean 21How Can We Change Our Blood Pressure 23Chapter 4: Common Causes of High Blood Pressure 26Chapter 5: The Healthcare Industry’s Answer to HighBlood Pressure 29Chapter 6: The Blood Pressure Solution: Naturally Lower YourBlood Pressure 35Category 1: Dietary Adjustments 38Category 2: Smart Supplementation 51Category 3: Reducing Body Fat 88Category 4: Exercise 91Category 5: Stress Reduction 98Category 6: Eliminating Toxins 117Chapter 7: The Blood Pressure Solution: Implementation Plan 122

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