Revista de educación nº 368. April-Jun 2015. Monograph: Critical Issues On Gifted Education And Talent Development

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Articles oncluded in this issue: Critical issues on gifted education and talent development ; From genes to talent: the DMGT/CMTD perspective ; Rethinking Giftedness: A Developmental Approach ; Tripartite Model of Giftedness and Best Practices in Gifted Assessment ; A Multi Criteria System for the Identification of High Achieving and Creative/Productive Giftedness ; Aurora Battery: A new assessment of successful intelligence ; Why Child Prodigies Are Important ; The Julian C. Stanley Study of Exceptional Talent: A Personalized Approach to Meeting the Needs of High Ability Students ; Flipped Learning model and the development of talent at school ; Differentiation in action: The Integrated Curriculum Model ; Why some gifted children are notably more successful ; Why some gifted children are notably more successful in life than others with equal ability and opportunities ; Disagreements in working as a team: A case study of gifted science students.

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