On a Gödel's misjudgment

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The fundamental aim of the paper is to correct an harmful way to interpreta Gödel's erroneous remark at the Congress of Königsberg in 1930.Despite the Gödel's fault is rather venial, its misreading has produced andcontinues to produce dangerous fruits, as to apply the incompletenessTheorems to the full second-order Arithmetic and to deduce the semanticincompleteness of its language by these same Theorems. The first threeparagraphs are introductory and serve to define the languages inherentlysemantic and its properties, to discuss the consequences of the expressionorder used in a language and some question about the semantic completeness:in particular is highlighted the fact that a non-formal theory may besemantically complete despite using a language semantically incomplete.Finally, an alternative interpretation of the Gödel's unfortunate commentis proposed.

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