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While mud crab farming based on collection of crablets or crabs from the wild for fattening or grow-out has probably taken place for hundreds of years, hatchery production of mud crabs is a relatively recent innovation, with most research and development taking place over the last few decades.This manual attempts to showcase the current wisdom on mud crab farming from key nations in the Asia-Pacific region where research and development, significant industry development and extension of technology have occurred in recent years.The development of this manual reflects contributions from all major organizations and research teams involved in mud crab culture development. Attendance at numerous workshops and conferences on crab fisheries and aquaculture over the past couple of decades has provided inspiration and insight into the need for a manual such as this, one that brings together the whole process of mud crab farming from broodstock to high-quality product leaving the farm.This manual has benefited from so many farmers, scientists, fisheries professionals, business owners, information specialists and technicians who have been kind enough to share their knowledge and skills, that to name a few might devalue the contribution of others so to you all, thank you.The support, patience and enthusiasm of Alessandro Lovatelli, FAO Aquaculture Officer, was critical to the completion of this publication

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