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We stand at one of the great crossroads of history: in matters religious, axiological, economic, political, in the organisation of family life, in relationships between individuals and among social groups, in the relations between countries…this transformation leaves nothing untouched. We are facing one of the most profound mutations in human history. This mutation is forcing us to be aware, individually and as a group, that we have to construct our entire systems and ways of life, with no more resources than the quality of our axiological postulates, and the quality of our group and personal projects. It is forcing us to construct these whilst rapid and frequent changes are occurring within societies of continuous innovation.We already know that no one and nothing will rescue us from our incompetence and lack of quality. We are inevitably in our own hands, and no one and nothing can ease this responsibility.In order to guide our future, we must investigate what is occurring and, also, the consequences arising – in all the areas of our life – from the economic, social, cultural and religious events taking place before our eyes.

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