Ebook: Financial advice with robo advisors (English)

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Moneymeets. Robo advisors. These are new concepts with increasingly more important roles in the design of the future of banking, digital banking. In this paper you can get to know all the details of financial management, in which automated advisors are pivotal. ¿How to attract young demographics to financial services? The answer lies in the thorough digital transformation. Known as the "Henrys" -high earning, not rich yet, term coined by Goldman Sachs- these customers are not expected anywhere near a branch of any bank, ever. They want to manage their money by simply clicking, which is why moneymeets and the kind of services that involve algorithms and robo advisors are key to future of banking. If you want to know how low-cost portfolios are created automatically based on a client's profile, how important is the role fintech startups are playing or how do robo advisors work, this paper is now available for download for you to find out.

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