From Don Juan to Sexual Vampirism

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FROM DONJUAN TO SEXUAL VAMPIRISM is an essay on the amorous behavior of two types ofpeople. One of them is Don Juan. Persons, who fit this type, are characterizedby the seductive language. They seduce with what they say. They talk about thephysical attributes of their “victims” to control them. Don Juan afterconquering the other person leaves it without moral or ethical remorse.The other type ofpeople is the sexual vampire. They are characterized by the knowledge. Thesepersons seduce with what they think. The sexual vampire is people ofintellectual life. He interacts with important people. These attributes areused to arouse the curiosity of the “victim”. He becomes interesting for theother person. When he reaches his conquest, he also loses interest in the otherperson.They want drinkyour vital energy. Here, we tell you how to avoid it.

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