Ibn Sab’in of the Ricote Valley; the First and Last Islamic Place in Spain

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This book is the outcome of a close study ofthe Ricote Valley and its famous Sufi Ibn Sabin. Its purpose is to disclosemore of the historical and comparative data. Arab Spaniards have created a glorioushuman story that lasted for centuries within the scope of the Mediterraneanculture. However, a lot of the history of the Ricote Valley is only written inSpanish and still not in English. Andalusian scientists moved from the regionof Murcia to the heart of the Islamic world. Their move had quite a deepeffect. Among these scientists was the great Sufi philosopher, MuhammadIbn-Abdul-Haq known as Ibn- Sabin (d. 669 H. = 1270 AD), who came from theRicote Valley. He is the originator of the deep philosophical approach indealing with highly humanistic Sufi thought, and the author of the magnificenttreatise Al-Kalam ala Al-Masail Al-Siqqilliyya, in which he answered thephilosophical questions that Frederick II, the Emperor of Sicily, sent to Muslimscientists in the Mashreq and the Maghreb.

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