The History of Alquerque-12. Remaining countries. Volume II.

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The first Spanish books about thegame of draughts have a very high standard and date from the XVI century, whilethe first French book comes from the XVII century and the game description isvery basic. Contrarily to this evidence scholars did not consider it necessary togrant Spain the honour of being the country of creation of the game of draughtsand of the new modality in chess with the new dama. Both the Alquerque-3 andthe Alquerque-9 games were known in Roman times. The situation is completelydifferent for the Alquerque-12 game. It is said that the Alquerque has itsorigin in Egypt. Perhaps this is the case for the Alquerque-3 and Alquerque-9games, but never for Alquerque-12. Some authors claim that the Alquerque-12game is a Greek or Roman game, but the great expert of these games, Dr. Ulrich Schädler,discards those theories. The first volume of the Alquerque-12 game unravels Franceand Spain. The second volume deals with the remaining countries of the world.

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