The Poem Scachs d’amor (1475). First Text of Modern Chess.

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TheObres e Trobes (the first book printed in Spain in 1474 in Valencia) is an artcompetition held on March 25 of that year. There are many poets who have poemsand couplets in this art competition, and we find three poets among them,writers of scachs d’amor: Francesc Castellví, Bernard Fenollar and Narcis de Vinyoles.The Obres e Trobes is considered to be the first literary work printed in Spainof which the only known copy in the world is preserved in the UniversityLibrary of Valencia. It consists of 60 leaves without foliation and -signatureand is written in Roman letters on paper with hand and star watermark. Thethree poets, as we see, already knew each other. Seeing the relationship theyhad with King Ferdinand and knowing his passion for the game of chess, theremay be another thing they thought about around 1475. It was time to change thefigure of the queen and bishop on the chessboard and inform the King by means oftheir poem in the form of a manuscript.

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