The Birth of a new Bishop in Chess

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Thenew bishop in Scach d'amor andin chess has been a great mystery from the XV century until now, because notonly was the power of the Queen greatly introduced, but so was also theposition of the church. Pedro Gonzalez de Mendoza was the partisan of Princess(later Queen) Isabella I of Castile and fought for her in the Battle of Zamoraand Toro between 1475 and 1476. This warrior churchman had a prominent part inplacing Princess Isabella on the throne and served her tirelessly in herefforts to suppress the disorderly nobles of Castile with the money of thechurch. Cardinal Pedro Gonzalez de Mendoza remains one of the most striking andpicturesque figures of the XVcentury, and was equally great as churchman, statesmanand warrior. He was considered as “the third king of Spain” and Isabella’s bestadviser.

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