The Training of Isabella I of Castile as the Virgin Mary by Churchman Martin de Cordoba in 1468.

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The Association of the Virgin Mary with theFrench Chess Piece “Dame”. Today most chess historians agreethat the weak chess queen, named “dame” in France as from the XIV century,changed to a powerful chess queen in Spain in 1475. Around this year we alsosee a change of the weak bishop to a strong bishop, according to the chess poemScachs d’amor. In order to strengthen our hypothesis of Isabella I of Castile (Isabella Católica) we have written a book about the new bishop and a book aboutScachs d’amor in English. Furtheron it is necessary toemphasize the complete study of Prof. Joaquín Petzold from Berlin affected in 1994concerning the Virgin Mary, “Dame” and Isabella I of Castile in relation to thechessboard in Spain. Concentrating now on Virgin Mary in relationship withIsabella I of Castile we observe that the Augustinian monastic Martin de Córdobawrote -in 1468 the work El Jardin de las donzellas. It was directed to PrincessIsabel I of Castile with the intention to contribute to her education as futureQueen. Cordoba was the first writer who draws equivalencies between Isabella Iof Castile and Virgin Mary, which became one of her standard portrayals. Shortythereafter we see the appearance of a new powerful chess queen.

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