Woldouby's Biography, Extraordinary Senegalese checkers player during his stay in France 1910 – 1911.

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Everycheckers player knows about Woldouby's famous position. This 21 year-oldSenegalese drew a lot of attention in Paris in 1910 when he won against allchallengers in his store located in the Senegalese village of the Exposition ofJardin d'Acclimatation zoologique. No one understood how this player could winall the games that fast. After Amadou Kandie Woldouby was the second Africanwho participated in a checkers tournament in Paris since he became the citychampion in 1911. In 1911 he left France and no one knew his whereabouts sincethen. In this biography we show that Weiss' golpe (shot) actually wasWoldouby's golpe, since he won against Isidore Weiss with it. On the other handwe want to show that Woldouby returned to Senegal in 1911 to take the place ofa checkers runner-up in 1913. His biography deserves a worthy place in thehistory of checkers, as he was the prominent predecessor of the famousSenegalese checkers player Baba Sy.

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