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One of the main features of the human personality that reflects the behavior in most people is a kind of dissatisfaction with certain requirements that are set by rules that are imposed as rules, regulations and laws in general, and spend be incorporated in the various areas of action or action of each person. No matter where we go or what is the place where we are, the rules and regulations will always be present. These standards are an integral part of the home, in our home in space that we occupy, are at work in companies where people carry out their activities, the rules and regulations are present in schools, public offices, clubs and especially in the churches; every Christian or religious denomination also has its certain rules to be followed. In view of this we can say that society is governed by laws, rules and regulations that cover everyone who is part of a family or a family reunification, which belong to a community, which is part of a county, a state, then, therefore it is also a country. Thus we are all under the authority of the law, rules and regulations that are set so that people can live in harmony within each of your space.

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