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In the opinion expressing the Holy Scriptures in theirreports we find in many situations this phrase "The Fear of the Lord"seeks to convey a different meaning from what could be interpreted outside ofthe biblical texts. Therefore,the "Fear of the Lord" is not something that will convey the feelingof fear of the Lord God, but above all keep it obedient in submission to God'swill, with high respect, reverence, adoration, devotion that means keepingconnected in communion through prayer with the true and supreme "Lord andCreator of the Universe"!The prayerof the "Our Father", Jesus left us the example that when praying wemust first address God as our heavenly Father and therefore he being our"kind and loving Father," from the moment in which we place ourselvesentirely to His will, He certainly will hear us and will give us what we askfor his infinite grace!

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