Analysis of phraseological content in English teaching: materials and teachers’ attitudes

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In this paper, we try to find out if phraseology, and more specifically, idioms, collocations, proverbs and social routine formulae play an important role in the teaching of English as foreign language in the Region of Murcia. In order to determine if they do, we have conducted a two-folded study consisting of both, an analysis of two English textbooks widely used in high schools in order to ascertain the phraseological content they provide and a questionnaire addressed to experienced English teachers who also work in Murcia so as to know more about their ideas and attitudes towards the teaching of these phraseological units. Finally, results indicate that, although phraseology is present in books and most teachers are aware of its existence and relevance, it might not be tackled efficiently due to important reasons such as the lack of a phraseological minimum in which educators can base their teaching, the need of specific training for the teachers to adapt this content to their students and the absence of proper materials that foster phraseological learning. Therefore, we can conclude that further research is needed with the purpose of reaching the objectives requested by the official legislation currently in force.

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