Free Traffic For Broke Marketers

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Free TrafficFor Broke MarketersHere’s how it goes with most new marketers – it happened to me exactly like this– see if it rings a bell with you. It might even be that this is the stage you’recurrently at…..I quickly realized the potential of internet marketing. Not least because I couldsee people around me making a lot of money, or at least making more thanenough to quit work and go full-time.The initial excitement I felt has never left me. I vividly remember working lateinto the night creating my first ebook, then once that was finished the REAL workbegan – learning how to build a simple website, use a hosting account, registerfor Paypal and Clickbank, ftp my files to my hosting account, put a paymentbutton (that actually worked) in the right place on my website and struggle towrite a half decent sales page.

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