The omnicient eye(The legacy)

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Not so long ago Harton was an ordinary boy who lived in a village with his parents. But a promise made by his mother changes destiny. Turning Harton into an immortal. Harton is sent with erased memory to a land world ruled by Morvan. Now, the fate of the Nagia sword, a sword capable of predicting the future and of a whole civilization falls on his shoulders, even though Harton a boy of 15 years, must do something to prevent Nagia, and a whole civilization is governed by The evil king Nicanor.Through time Harton is sent to Plexiur, a land ruled by dragons and civilization, where the minutes are months, in search of the eastern warrior Eston. On the way he has an accident and loses his memory. Fortunately, Eston finds it. He decides to train Harton, taking him for the son he never had. For several years Harton learns all the techniques of a warrior and becomes inseparable friend of the dragon of Eston (Trulan). After the death of Eston Harton realizes that he has few seconds to travel in time and return to Carpium. He decides to leave behind his dragon Trulan. But when she returns to Carpium, Nagia is no longer under Morvan's power, she has been taken away from her and has to search for her through time and into dangerous world worlds. And while doing it in the kingdom of the Empire Carpium and Cirum is planning a war.Harton is aware that the Carpium Empire is not prepared to deal with the Imperial warriors of Cirium, who come in search of Nagia and conquer the Carpium Empire. King Morvan knows that they are going to die and are willing to die with honor. But Harton is not willing to make that happen.The magician Drince, gives him a magical robe, which when dressed Harton, becomes a man warrior. In dressing it everyone will know him as Kherson, the unknown dragon horseman and Harton, will never be able to reveal his identity to anybody or Kherson will disappear forever.What will happen when Harton regains his memory and realizes that he has other parents on a farm sent to Carpium without his consent to be the heir of Carpium, protector of Nagia and a whole civilization threatened by Evil warriors of Cirum?However, this is only the first of their commitments. Harton owes Movan loyalty and compassion to his parents, who had a good reason. But chaos and betrayal will upset Harton and he will not know who to trust.Morvan desperately needs him, both in his mastery and his intelligence and wit, to face Cirum's warriors, who for years have been gathering a large number of evil warriors to attack them. The fate of a whole civilization and of Nagia rests on the shoulders of Harton.Harton is forced to choose. Die or join those whom Harton considers enemies for his betrayals.Will Harton help, to deal with the imperial warriors of Nicanor?Will Harton forgive all those who have betrayed him or terrified them?Will Harton and his dragon Trulan escape with life from the great battle and ambush planned by the imperial warriors of Nicanor against the Imperial warriors of Morvan?This novel invites us to see the love beyond the conflicts, and to live great adventures next to Harton.Loyalty, forgiveness, mystery, intrigue, courage, ambition, makes this fantasy novel a fantastic story for the reader.

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