Margaritas for millionaires (Personal Development: Positive Thinking:The Passage To Success

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The secret of success is in your mind and that is precisely what you will find in this stimulating book of personal growth. This book of self-help, emotional intelligence, personal growth and personal transformation is not only a wonderful source of inspiration, it is the best source of motivation for success, whose main objective is to provide the reader with a series of principles with which to improve in Personal and business life. This book will help you discover the secret to becoming a positive, balanced person with high self-esteem, the keys to unshakable success, while showing you the best way to achieve your goals, your dreams. You will be a highly effective person. You will learn how to set goals quickly and safely to succeed in life, in all areas of your life. You will also discover with this great self-help book that your daily routine will evolve quickly, you will feel more confident about yourself and you will have a very high self-esteem potential. You will accomplish your goals and your dreams without any difficulty. You will be a confident person, because you will achieve what you want and you will be happy. Success

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