Hug me firefly

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Osvaldo comes from parents who with their efforts had founded an entire empire in the vineyards. Advised by his mother Osvaldo is licensed in medicine and becomes a prestige physician. Osvaldo had everything, fame, money and a great wife and son (Family), but he lost almost everything. Osvaldo is aware that a car accident took away his desire to live. Now everything seems insignificant and sad. Plunged into his loneliness, he only leaves to deposit flowers in the tomb of his son and wife. After the death of his wife, he went to chat with her, sitting under the Naranjal that was planted in the Garden, where they used to spend the summer evenings chatting animatedly. At some point Osvaldo realizes that his wife and son are beginning to communicate with him. Then, the paranormal events begin to happen in the life of Osvaldo, as well as the luck in his favor. The forgiveness of the past comes in the present of his life, to amend the mistakes he made in the past, to give him a second chance to form the family that in his past lost it.This novel goes beyond earthly love, but also the love of the spiritual plane of dependence and altruism. A novel that invites to think, enormously entertaining and that captures the complexity of the love, towards the family.

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