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Thehistory of the Hebrews is one of the most important in the context that is partof the scenario of biblical historiography and also in what we call thebackground that represents the history of mankind mainly in regard to theChristian historiographic religious Judaic themes. TheHebrews had their origins in Canaan, but there is the claim according to NewTestament accounts that they are direct descendants of Adam through theso-called patriarchs who are part of the direct genealogy of Adam and thatextends to the birth of Jesus Christ, Understanding that this version is usedby the Christians and that it is not accepted by the Jews that maintains itsblood origin through the patriarch Abraham who initiated the great descendantsthrough the son Isaac who in turn, was the father of Jacob and thus god if theOrigin of the twelve tribes of Israel, whose existence stretched from the timeof Egypt to the family of Jacob, there remained for four hundred and thirtyyears, left the land of the Nile under the command of Moses, after Egypt waspunished by ten terrible plagues And the miraculous and supernatural passage ofthe people who crossed the Red Sea on dry land with this open sea by the forceof a powerful divine wind. After the pilgrimage in the desert, with theconquest of Canaan, came the time of the Judges and the three unified kingdoms.

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