The Hezekiah's Comet

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"On the sixth day, on the twenty-fifth day of the sixth month, a star shall be made visible, and shall be gathered on the seventh day at the end of the seventy days. On the first day it will be visible in the city of Rome and on that day three upper walls will fall from the city of Rome, and the great palace that is there will fall. will die. Then this star will spread and spread to be visible in the whole world while that time, great and mighty wars will take place in the world in the four directions, and there will be no faith between them. In the center of the world, when that star is shining in the center of the sky, a great king and ruler will rise in the world. He will have ARROGANT disposition over all kings and will provoke war on both sides and dominate them". This star was the Comet Panstarrs (C / 2011 L4) that was predicted in the Zôhar (The Sealed Book Of Daniel) 2,000 years ago. Come and discover your mystery!

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