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So you’re going to Spain. off to do the whole Hemingway trip and take in a little bullfighting whilst you’re there. Hemingway was lucky, he had several guides to help develop his understanding of the bullfight This guide will be yours.And because of its bullet point format, it will give you an immediate explanation of what is happening as it happens, without interrupting the visual experience that is the bullfight.Not only will it lead you through the whole bullfight from ticket purchase to post-fight autograph hunting, it will also impart some of the little known facts of the bullfighting world.If you want to read about the euphoric atmosphere of the bullring and the symbolic life and death struggle between man and bull, then read Hemingway.If, however, you prefer to develop your own appreciation of this brutal and yet beautiful tournament, read this guide.Featured in this guide:When and where to see a bullfight.A concise explanation of the fight.Information on toreros and their roles.Explanations and illustrations of the main cape movements.How to decipher a bullfight poster and ask for a good seat in Spanish.How to get your free programme.A brief history of the bullfight.Bullfight related activities before and after the fight.A detailed section on the bull running in Pamplona.

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