Alice´s Adventures in Wonderland

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LewisCarroll (1832-1898)was born at Daresbury in Chesire into a wealthy family. He attended a Yorkshiregrammar school and Rugby. At Christ Church, Oxford, he studied mathematics andworked from 1855 to 1881 as a lecturer (tutor). Carroll's career in educationwas troubled by a bad stammer. He lectured and taught with difficulty and healso preached only occasionally after his ordination in 1861. According tostories, Carroll was shy and he even hid his hands continually within a pair ofgray-and-black gloves. Carroll also wrote humorous verse, such as TheHunting of the Snark and mathematical works. And he was a ratherexceptional student of Aristotelian logic. In spite ofhis stammer, Carroll spoke easily with children, whom he often photographed. Hehad seven sisters and his attraction to young girls was perhaps more innocentthan has been imagined - he also had long friendships with mature women. Thisside of his life has remained little examined. However, Karoline Leach hascriticized in her book In the Shadow of the Dreamchild (1999) theFreudian mythology and the "strange incestuous kind of immortality"created around the author and the real-life Alice.

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