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This is the story of how a teenage boy, Pierre, arrives in Nicaragua to start, not only his high school education, but also his education in the realm of drug dealing among his fellow students and their friends.

His friendship with Oscar evolves and a love affair develops with Gina, the girlfriend of one of the most powerful drug dealers in the country.  Out of these relationships Pierre tries to find his way through the confusion of money, power, and being a macho guy living his life on the edge of danger simply to impress his peers and his new girlfriend, Gina.

This continues through high school until the small time dealing and dealers expose this young man to the buyers; the wealthy junkies and high society coke whores.  These relationships lead to major purchases of drugs in remote island areas and eventually to the core of the Sandinista Revolution.  The revolution becomes so strong that Pierre is forced to leave the country.

Upon his arrival in Costa Rica he enrols in the University.  Pierre™s association with smugglers continues and is highlighted by a trip to Limon where he sees one of the largest plantations of marijuana in the country.  The dollar signs in his eyes eventually turn to tears as he visits a one-time close friend Nano, in jail.  Nano has been stripped of everything, including what little pride this one time friend had.

Pierre quickly realises there is a down side to all this involvement.  Through this environment he gets involved in a gold mine business south of Costa Rica, only to meet more smugglers where he learns these connections are directly related to politics - and even high-ranking government officials.

The doors all begin to close around him as he makes his way to Los Angeles, California in the USA where he tries to make a legal living - only to be haunted by dreams of ˜Scarface™ and seeing how gangs and all kinds of people within the distribution ring, Pierre begins to realise that families are being destroyed by drugs, caused by drug dealers who distribute their products.

Feeling totally used and abused, Pierre sees how the American Dream is crippled by the drugs and political pawns of organized crime and has set out to make the record straight by publishing his memoirs.  Pierre™s regret and remorse motivate him to tell the truth behind the trash that so many cultures have succumbed to, and most of all he shares how difficult is to get out of the addiction , and he tells the readers from deep in his heart the way that someone can get back to live a normal life, after being in Hell The difference between success and failure is getting back on your feet once more

If this testimony enlightens just one individual, Pierre (after changing his identity and moving to another country), will have done his job and will have fulfilled his part in restoring ˜

The Human  Dream to be a better being leaving a positive legacy to Future Generations.


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